Kifco 5.5HP Booster Pump


Kifco 5.5HP Reel-Mounted Booster Pump

Compatible with the following Water-Reels: B140, E140, T180, E180, T200S, E200S, T200L, E200L, T210, E210, E200SST

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  • Kifco’s Electric and Engine Driven Booster Pumps provide additional pressure to your Water-Reels, when needed, to maximize performance.
  • Kifco’s standard engine-driven booster pumps feature heavy-duty Franklin Electric centrifugal pumps close coupled to Honda, Kohler, or Briggs & Stratton engines for a compact, high-performing unit. 
  • Engine Driven Booster Pumps are equipped with electronic ignition, low flow shut-off, high temp blow-off valve, fuel filter, air filters, muffler, choke and throttle to protect your investment and allow for safe operation. 

Don’t forget to add the appropriate Mounting Kit:

* Mounting Kit sold separately

B3 Series Chassis Mounting Kit

T4-T5 Series Chassis Mounting Kit