Kifco Water-Reels® are the premier hard hose traveler in the irrigation industry, and Kifco also offers a full line of booster, primary, and transfer pump packages that have been carefully selected to work with your Water-Reel whether you’re running off a municipal water source or pulling from an irrigation ditch or pond. Water-Reels are used for irrigation, dust suppression, leaching, de-watering, pre-wet, reclamation, and other custom applications. They operate unattended, automatically shutting off upon completion of the run, and are often the most cost-effective solution for small plots, irregular-shaped areas, and remote locations. Water-Reels® are ideal for sports fields and temporary installations because no permanent in-field pipe or heads are required, which also lowers maintenance costs. When the irrigation run is complete, the tube is neatly coiled on a portable base and is ready to transport to the next location. Kifco offers two full lines of Water-Reels®, the smaller B-Series and the larger Ag-Rain models.