Kifco also offers a full line of booster, primary, and transfer pump packages specifically designed to match your Water-Reel system requirements. A primary pump pulls the water from the source at the full flow and head required by the system. A booster pump boosts the pressure of a supply system to match the pressure needs of the irrigation system. A transfer pump moves water from one location to another so that it is available for a primary pump.

The Pumps can be reel, skid, or trailer mounted depending on size and function. Kifco uses diesel, gasoline, electric & PTO-powered pumps to meet your system needs. Kifco pump packages are manufactured with automatic shut-off to protect your system in no-flow or high-pressure situations. Engine-driven packages have low oil, and high engine temperature safety shutdowns, meet current emissions standards, and are complete with ignition, charging, exhaust, cooling, and intake systems. Electric units have overheating, low amp, high amp, and loss of phase protection. Kifco offers a wide variety of options and can even custom design and build pump packages to meet your site-specific requirements.